library day

Ever since he was a teeny tiny guy, the bean has always loved books and being read to.  He loves grabbing book after book after book and curling up in my lap for story time.  Now that he's older, he also loves going to the library.  I try to take him every few weeks and so far, every trip has been a huge success.  He understands that we have to be quiet and that we have to take care of the books that we check out so that other kids can enjoy them when we return them.  

We went to the library today and he picked out eleven books to borrow.  It's always interesting and sweet to see what he picks out.  Today's selection included a truck book, a couple of books about trains, a Busytown book, a Curious George book, and a book about a kid and his big boy undies.  We haven't really been pushing potty training yet, so that was an interesting choice on his part.  He also picked out The Little Engine That Could, which we totally have at home.  But this version had different illustrations, so it immediately caught his attention.

He plopped right down on the floor with the book and started flipping through the pages, "reading" it to himself.  I was super impressed that, even though the illustrations in this version were different, he still recognized it as the same story and was talking through the storyline as he flipped through the book.

I am a lucky mama to have such a smart and inquisitive kid.  I really hope that he keeps his love of books and reading as he gets older. 

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