meet the bean

Well, here he is...

That's my little man.  He's pretty cute, huh??  I know, I know...I am biased.  But seriously.  He is my light and my heart and he is such an incredible blessing to me.  We call him "the bean" because right after he was born, the hubby and I looked at our brand new little guy and then looked at each other in utter exhaustion and amazement and said to each other "Look what we did...we made a human being."  So somehow, that morphed into "human bean" then just "the bean".  Sounds silly now, but in our sleep deprived and elated state, it made sense at the time.

Fast forward almost nineteen months (seriously...kids grow up fast!) and that's our bean right now.  I am truly blessed to be able to stay home and hang out with him everyday.  But that does not mean that I don't work.  To those who have never been a stay-at-home mom, it is definitely work.  Believe me.  But it is the best job I've ever had.  This little guy amazes me in a new way each and every day.  It's just incredible how much he is learning right now.

At almost nineteen months, here are a few facts about our bean:

  • He loves bananas and whole wheat bread.
  • He can use two and three word phrases (his favorite right now is "I do it").
  • He likes to give kisses.  And he loves for us to give kisses...to him, to the cat and dog, to his stuffed animals.  He'll hold out a toy for us to kiss and say "mwaa"...it's pretty adorable.
  • He likes to pick out books and "read" to himself.
  • He loves to make animal sounds...and car, truck, and train sounds.
  • He is completely obsessed with trains.
  • He can pick up and put away his toys (with a little direction and encouragement, of course).
  • He cracks himself up.  He is constantly talking and babbling and laughing.  He's quite the entertainer.
  • He mimics pretty much anything we say, so...we have had to start really watching our language
  • He loves to sing and dance, which makes mom and dad happy since we are both musically inclined.  This kid LOVES music...and not just kid music, but real music (The Beatles, Radiohead, Ben Folds, etc).
I love this kid.

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