easiest dinner ever

I have recently fallen in love...with my crock pot.  For years, my crock pot had gone neglected...unloved. But in recent months, I have discovered what all the fuss is about and have become reacquainted with my crock pot.  And I love it!  I love it so much in fact, that I asked for a second one for Christmas.  And Santa (the hubby) delivered.  Now I am the proud owner of two crock pots.  And I use both of them regularly.  I even have double crock pot days from time to time, where I put both of them to work making a delicious and easy meal for me and my family.  Well a couple weeks ago, I discovered how to make the EASIEST dinner ever.  You ready?  Here goes...

crock pot + frozen chicken tenderloins + salad dressing of your choice + 4-6 hours = dinner

Awesome, right?

I was inspired by this recipe for chicken souvlaki from Real Simple Magazine.  This recipe has been a favorite of ours for years.  So I wondered if I could combine this old favorite with my new love...my crock pot.  And the answer is YES.  Instead of marinating and grilling the chicken as called for in the original recipe, I just dumped my frozen chicken tenderloins and a bottle of Greek salad dressing into the crock pot.  Six hours later, it had transformed into the juiciest, most flavorful chicken I've ever had.  Pair that with warm pita, tzatziki sauce, and a yummy Greek salad...and I was in Greek food heaven.

Since then, I've discovered that this formula of chicken plus salad dressing equals deliciousness works well with other salad dressings, too.  Last week, I tried a balsamic vinaigrette with the chicken and then served it over rice.  To die for.

So there you go...easiest dinner ever.  Now go wipe the dust off your crock pot and make some dinner!

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